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  • Is my financial plan working holistically?
  • Am I taking too much risk in my portfolio?
  • Can you help reduce my taxes?
  • How do I coordinate retirement savings with Social Security?
At Ron Sklar & Associates…we worry so that you don’t have to


We recognize that each of our clients has a unique financial direction, that includes past experience, future goals and dreams.  We trust this visit to our website will inform you of the opportunities and potential rewards that are available when you take a proactive approach to your personal financial situation.

We offer you the opportunity to sit down with us and allow us to develop the appropriate financial planning strategies to help prepare and advise you throughout your life’s evolution. With our professional guidance and planning, you are more likely to feel confident that you are on the right course.

We invite you to take the next step, by contacting us to learn more about about us, our process, our philosophy, and the Gold Medal services we provide.  Most importantly, we hope you will see the value of working with our team of skilled professionals, as a resource and guide in your pursuit of financial success.

Who are we?

Ron Sklar & Associates is an independent fee based financial advisor. We are an office that specializes in active investment management and comprehensive financial strategies including estate, tax, and retirement planning.

Our office has over 40 years of combined experience working with clients to develop long-term retirement plans, specializing in addressing the needs of individuals who work in medicine or higher education. We also have the expertise of a fully licensed staff.

What makes us different?

We are independent and fee based. This independence means we think differently.  We always strive to select and choose the best and most suitable solutions from a variety of strategies for our clients based on our conversations and assessment of their future objectives. We formulate appropriate actions based on the right knowledge of our clients’ situation, research on market conditions, and reflection on strategy. We have developed partnerships with top level research and investment managers. Our compensation is based on a percentage of assets.

We are fiduciaries to our clients and thus, put purpose and our clients before self.  We do not sell on commission or have the pressure of recommending certain products.  We sit on the same side of the table as our clients.  We are motivated by broader goals. Besides making money, we also try to help save you money by providing a comprehensive approach to investment, tax, insurance, & legal strategies. We accomplish this by working closely with professionals in those fields to provide a consolidated approach to help make our client’s lives easier.

Our clients have access to some of the best no-load funds and investment managers. We also work closely with insurance, tax, and estate specialists to make sure our clients are receiving comprehensive strategies.  We understand our limitations, so we continually work with other professionals to offer advice.  We cannot predict the future, but we will do our best to help prepare you for it.

How we do it?

We fully review our client’s financial situation and objectives.  We strive to listen and understand the needs of our clients and collaborate to formulate the right strategy.  Our purpose is to provide an all-inclusive approach to develop financial solutions, which include managing IRAs, 403bs, non-qualified accounts, 529 plans, UTMAs, LTC and life policies.

We specialize in the following areas: investments, retirement/estate/tax planning, college planning, business succession planning and various insurance types.  We make sure our clients understand the importance of these areas and how they balance one another to produce a complete financial strategy and simplify life under one advisor.

Our main focus is on risk management. We do not subscribe to the buy and hold strategy; we take action when we believe action is superior to inaction.  We believe in actively managing the inherent risks of the markets. Our clients can sleep at night knowing we are constantly monitoring their portfolios. “Winning by not losing big” is our main objective.  The money managers we choose are specialists in this investment philosophy.

What added value do our clients receive?

Our clients have access to a dedicated, respectful and experienced fully-licensed staff.  Typically, representatives and advisors have one or two staff members who are licensed.  The advantage of our staff lies in the service we provide to you; each member our team is qualified and prepared to handle your questions, trades or any additional financial services you may require.

We focus on client service by providing quick and thorough responses to client requests. In addition, we will have up to four reviews per year with our clients. All the services are included in the asset management fee.  We measure our success by our clients’ successes and take pride in doing right by our clients 100% of the time, and by striving to make their futures more financially secure.

We invite you to take the next step by contacting us

Ron Sklar is an Investment Advisor Representative and Registered Representative with Ron Sklar and Associates, LLC.  He has over 29 years of experience working with retirees and those about to retire.  He also offers securities as a Registered Representative of Securities Service Network, Inc. – Member of FINRA/SIPC.  Fee-based advisory services offered through SSN Advisory Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.  Securities offered through Securities Service Network, Inc., – Member of FINRA/SIPC.  Ron can be reached at 505.856.5444 or 512.470.3737.

The views expressed herein are not necessarily the opinion of Securities Service Network, Inc., and should not be construed, directly or indirectly, as an offer to buy or sell any securities mentioned herein.  Nor is this information intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax, legal or investment planning advice as individual situations will vary. For specific advice about your situation, please consult with a financial professional.  Copyright 2016.